Get media exposure for your business

There are many ways you can get exposure for your business or its products or services in various forms of media. 

If you have the budget, or can pull some money from your existing budget, the smartest, most cost effective thing to do is hire a small marketing or PR company.

They are experts at identifying interesting media stories within your business and using their experience and contacts in the media to get free editorial coverage.

There are members of the Chamber in marketing, media and public relations.

Check what they charge to deliver their services and get a written estimate from them about what they could achieve for you. Media exposure takes time. But it can be very effective.

Before you contact a marketing company, think about the markets you want to address, what stories you have to tell about your business, products or sevices.

Once you are clear what you want to achieve, are happy with the quote from the company, ensure that you provide them with a detailed brief.