Draw the customer inside your store

Once inside your shop, balance the spread of your most saleable items, making sure that some enticing ones are at the rear thus inviting the potential customer to walk through, and check out, most of your store.

Always have items on special. Maybe stock that hasn’t moved for some time can be “bundled” with a more current product and turned in to a “Special Offer”.

Also take the time to explain to your staff about your products, services and those specials. They’re not mind-readers! The more staff know about products and there potential use (whether it’s a skirt or a screwdriver) the better they’ll perform, the customer will be impressed and you’ll make sales.

Music is a powerful tool in retail. It can prevent customers stepping inside your business because it could be too loud or the wrong style.

On the other hand, music can slow customers down. If you want them to take some time in your store, ┬ásomething classy, an easy rhythm would be appropriate. But where you want to increase turn-over of customers, suchas as through a fast food place,then, you’d play something bright and breezy that conveyed a sense moving quickly.